Activity-Packed Vacation Retreats

Whether you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed from all your responsibilities or are just looking for the next travel spot, one thing on every traveler’s bucket list should be a vacation retreat. We’ve even written an article entitled ‘Workcation On Your Mind?’ and mentioned how vacation retreats can be a remote worker’s paradise. After all, not only will you feel relaxed enough to better handle your tasks, but the change of scenery could also help spark some much-needed creativity.

Of course, current travel restrictions prevent you from doing this now, but nothing says that you can’t plan for it! If you’re looking to take a vacation retreat after this is all over, here are some suggestions:

1. Hotel Highlands Park, Gulmarg

As one of the most visited ski resorts in the country, Hotel Highlands Park is an ideal destination during the colder months. Aside from the stunning view of Mount Affarwat outside your window, the destination also offers skiing, ice skating, and snowboarding adventures for the more daring guests. For the less adventurous, Hotel Highlands Park is also the spot of on one side of the longest (and highest) cable car ride from Gulmarg meadow to Apharwat. So, it’s definitely worth visiting just for the view. Every guest gets one cottage each, all equipped with premium facilities like kitchens and heated baths.

2. MAYFAIR Spa Resort & Casino, Sikkim

For a magical getaway, the MAYFAIR Spa Resort & Casino is situated against the backdrop of the Himalayan forest, with architecture that’s a gorgeous mix of Colonial and Sikkim’s Monastic theme. It has more than 68 luxury accommodations, complete with in-room dining services and a huge LCD TV. The hotel is also India’s first five-star on-shore live casino experience, so guests can enjoy a good round of blackjack, kitty, min-flush, and other exciting gaming facilities. Expat Bets, a website that discusses the Asian gaming scene, highlights how Sikkim is one of only three Indian states that permit casinos, so visiting MAYFAIR is sure to give you a one-of-a-kind experience.

3. Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur

As the crown jewel of Lake Pichola, the mosaic-themed Taj Lake Palace is a must-stay for any vacation retreat seekers. It was first built by Maharana Jagat Singh II in 1746, who was one of the wealthiest rulers of the Mewar Kingdom. As such, it’s no surprise to see Taj Lake Palace guests be treated like royalty. However, the thing that really draws tourists to this place is the Jiva Spa—a massage centre that draws practices from age-old Indian healing therapies. Trained professionals offer a menu of aromatherapy massages and body scrubs that are sure to penetrate even the stiffest of bodies. It’s the best place to visit if you’re looking for maximum relaxation.

4. Ark Wellness Retreat, Mulshi

If your vacation dream is to separate yourself from the bustle of urban life, then look no further than the Ark Wellness Retreat. This hotel is a modest bungalow, surrounded by endless fields of grass, trees, and its own private courtyard. It even has a herb garden with multiple seating areas to encourage guests to stay out of their rooms and enjoy the fresh air (or do a bit of yoga). Since it’s in a very remote area, there’s very limited mobile connectivity. However, the establishment does provide its guests with painting equipment. If you’re interested in taking a few painting lessons before you dive into this activity, Creative Bloq has a lot of great resources for beginners like you.

Regardless if you’re the type to enjoy exciting activities like snowboarding or the more relaxing ones like painting, there’s a retreat destination for you somewhere in the country. Do your research and find out what activities these places offer. See if they’re up your alley.

Image Credit: SR Sajid Rauf under Creative Common License


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