5 Quirky Hotels From Around the World

Quirky hotels are not particularly unusual these days. In Japan, there are several that have made a name for themselves, one of which is the world’s first capsule hotel that houses tired travelers in cozy, tablet-sized bunkers. The capsule idea has certainly taken off in the country, and some of Japan’s neighboring countries followed suit in offering budget capsule rooms to travelers.

If you like the idea of staying in some of the world’s most unusual lodgings, here are some places that you might want to keep on your radar for any future trips.

1) Treehotel, Harads, Sweden

tree house

As the name implies, the Treehotel lodging is located in a pine forest. There are only a total of 7 tree rooms in the locality of Harards so this can be pretty hard to secure a booking.

The tree houses include a glass cabin in tablet form, a shiny mirror cube, a huge bird nest that looks quite real, and a UFO that resembles an alien spaceship. If it gets too cold at night, guests can use the tree sauna.

2) Jurassic Park Hotel, Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

Capture 12

The Jurassic Park is a nice retreat place in las Terrenas, which is a resort town situated in the Samana Peninsula. It has outdoor pools in the middle of the forest, which makes this place quirkier than your usual lodgings.

There are no dinosaurs here – you’ll be happy to hear. Instead it seems the hotel borrowed its name from the classic movie franchise, which is now remembered through the insanely popular digital version Jurassic Park developed by gaming giants Slingo. The hotel seems to have no issues with licensing, even though it shares the same name with one of film’s most popular franchises.

3) SiloStay, Little River, New Zealand


Just over 300 yards from the Christchurch-Little River Rail Trail is SiloStay, which offers eco-friendly lodgings on the Banks Peninsula. Guests are welcomed by a round silo, designed across two floors and are fully equipped with a kitchen and entertainment facilities.

Despite not having any surrounding attractions, the proprietors of SiloStay hope that guests can enjoy the peace and quiet of the surrounding environment.

4) The Dog Bark Park Inn, Idaho, USA


The Dog Bark Park Inn is literally shaped in the form of a dog. The hotel design is in the form of a beagle, and guests can stay in one of the four rooms within the dog’s belly. The hotel, of course, allows guests to bring their own furry buddies.

5) Icehotel, Jukkasjärvi, Sweden


Sweden’s Icehotel is an icy wonderland that changes every year. Whenever the ice of the hotel melts, the staff “rebuilds” the hotel with ice from the frozen Torne River. As such, the hotel gets a new shape and theme every year. It’s an innovative hotel, and definitely a place for travelers looking for a different experience altogether.

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