48 hours in… a jungle safari lodge

Hello travellers!  We are back again with the second installation of our 48 hours blog series. This time get awed by this exquisite and quaint safari lodge nestled amidst 10 acres of restored forest.

Day 1

2:00 PM: After a 2 hour drive from Nagpur we checked in at Svasara Jungle Lodge set along the Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve, Maharashtra. Our home for the next 2 days. Couldn’t be more excited!

2:15 PM: We were awestruck by the ambient lobby. (Tip: Oct- March is really the best time to visit Svasara Jungle Lodge)

svasara 12

2:30 PM: There is an outdoor arrangement done for lunch which is basically a buffet system. We quickly managed to grab lunch before heading to our room.


3:00 PM: The room brings the wildnerness inside. Done up tastefully it really feels like the room has beautifully married luxury with rustic wilderness.


5:00 PM: We took a walk around the property. The lush greenery and the setting sun really makes you feel one with nature. Truly sublime!

feature svasara

8:00 PM: Its dinner time! The arrangement is done outdoors at ‘The Teak House’. We savoured the ‘Varadi’ (authentic Maharashtrian cuisine) menu. Kudos to the chef for nailing this!

svasara food

9:00 PM: Good night! Turning in early tonight since we have to wake up early for the Jungle Safari. But before that, a spot of star-gazing by this inviting bonfire.

teak house

Day 2

6:30 AM: *Beep-Beep* Woke up early in the morning for the Jungle Safari. (Excited, yet still yawning!)

7:30 AM: We entered for our safari accompanied by a Naturalist, Mr. Rishin. The breakfast was already packed for us and we carried it along. (Tip: The naturalist & photography comes at a nominal price.)


9:30 AM: Just finished off our delicious breakfast at a designated spot while we chanced upon a tiger. Yes, a real Indian tiger! Mr. Rishin spotted some movement in the bushes and very happily pointed us to the rare sight.

svasara 14

11:00 AM: Just got back to our room. The Safari was very tiring. We headed to the spa for a round of pampering. (Insider tip: Their special orange-based treatment was the best way to relax post a long safari day.)


1:30 PM: It is lunch-time at this quaint lodge. The chef prepares delicious food items based on our dietary requirements from the freshest vegetables available from the organic garden. The head chef, Raju makes sure to whip up delicacies that really tickle those taste-buds.


4:00 PM: We went to the mini-Tadoba forest which hosts around 200+ bird species over the year – got lucky to spot many of the exotic birds that evening!


6:00 PM: Show-time! Binge-watched some intriguing documentaries at the outdoor theatre.


8:00 PM: We sat by the bonfire and enjoyed the local delicacies served by the hosts. We were treated to authentic dishes prepared over the charcoal pit! We even had ‘Litti Chowki’- was simply super!


Day 3

7:30 AM: Woke up fresh to the calls of the morning birds!

8:00 AM: Had a picnic breakfast by the nearby stream. Mornings like these are so soul-soothing.


9:00 AM: We headed off for a trail around the property guided by Mr. Ranjit, the GM at the property. With his experience of over 5 years at Svasara he managed to keep us updated about the intricate details of the lodge.


12:00 noon : Adios! It was time to bid goodbye to a place where we would have loved to stay for a few more days.


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