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We all have so many questions about how some just nail it when it comes to travel style. To get the inside scoop, we asked some of our favourite travelistas i.e stylish travellers to spill some beans.

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Santoshi Shetty (SS): An architect by qualification, Santoshi Shetty is the founder of the blog “The Styledge”. Santoshi has always been an avid lover of fashion. Documenting travel stories while incorporating her love for spaces in her work, the blog is a true reflection of her style.

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Savi from Bruised Passports (S): Travellers, storytellers, dreamers. Currently on a never-ending round-the-world trip. 72 countries & counting. Savi from Bruised Passports always nails her travel style!

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Akanksha Redhu (AR): From fashion to beauty to trends to food. Akanksha Redhu started her blog in 2010 and has constantly evolved and became more fashion and lifestyle oriented blogger.

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Riya Jain (RJ): Filled with style, poise and pose – Riya Jain started off with her blogging career with the onset of Caught in a cuff.

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Srish (SH): An Indian fashion and beauty blogger who started her blog in 2010. Style Fashion Etc,


What is the one thing you always carry in your travel bag?

  SS- One of my ultimate necessities. A portable charger

  S- My Laptop

  RJ- Can’t do without my lipstick: Ginger by Kylie

 AK- Sunscreen

 SH- Tinted chapstick  

What are some packing hacks that you swear by?

SS- I am quite messy so while packing I try to keep my clothes in sets as per how I’d be wearing them so that I don’t end up pulling out everything just to search for a single item. I’m sure most of us have gone through that 😛

S- Packing cubes and multifunctional clothes

RJ- Segregate all my items properly so that I can easily find them :p But I always end up pulling out everything 😉

AK-Putting Beauty product bottles into your shoes so that the shoes don’t lose form and your save space/ Rolling up clothes to avoid hard creasing.

SH- Rolling instead of folding saves a ton of space. Also I avoid  packing  denims and usually wear them if I absolutely want to take them with me on the vacation, they are usually the heaviest garments so it’s better to not add it to the luggage and travel light!

Most stylish spot that you have visited?

SS- That has to be Los Angeles.

S- French Riviera

RJ- Singapore.

AK- Milan

SH- Milan, every single person is impeccably dressed!

Your staple clothing item while on holiday is?​ ​

SS- My go-to item is always a pair of denims, sneakers and a T-shirt. The     basics. One day in these is guaranteed

S- Maxi Dresses

RJ- Shorts, Top and Sliders/Shoes Or a very loose Dress :p

AK- ​A grey t-shirt

SH- Shorts or rompers

The one travel accessory you love splurging on?

SS- Shoes!

S- Camera gear

RJ- Sunglasses

AK- A power bank

SH- Comfortable shoes

Number one on your travel bucket list?

SS- New York 😍

S- Antarctica

RJ- London

AK-  South Italy

SH- Santorini

How would you describe your travel style in one word?

SS- Versatile

S- Bohemian luxe

RJ- Comfy

AK- Comfy

SH- Comfy-chic

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